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In this module we will go through all the essentials which are necessary to start with. We think it is the most important part which will enable you to understand the whole Montessori concept. It is the foundation on which other modules are built.


The practical life exercises are a very important foundation for the development of our children. These are the activities which help the child with concentration, development of inner sense for order, fine and gross motor skills and independence in everyday life.

The world is a place full of colors, sounds, strange surfaces, tastes and smells and the child is a “sensorial explorer”. The purpose of sensorial activities is to aid in the development of the intellectual senses of the child. Maria Montessori believed that nothing comes into the mind except through the senses. 

Language materials enhance vocabulary and help the child to explore both written and spoken language. Children learn phonetic sounds and how to compose words phonetically. They progress to compose their own written work, read the work of others, and learn to communicate their thoughts and feelings.

We encounter mathematical principles every day – when we go up the stairs, when we run after a bus, when we look at our watch or when we pay in the shop. All children are born with a mathematical mind. Montessori materials introduce basic math concepts and guide the child all to way to more abstract operations.

Through science and cultural activities, children develop an awareness, understanding and appreciation of the world around them. The areas of geography, geology, universe, science, zoology and botany are all included in this module. 



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