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The world is a place full of colors, sounds, strange surfaces, tastes and smells and the child is a “sensorial explorer”. Maria Montessori believed that nothing comes into the mind except through the senses and the purpose of sensorial activities is to aid in the development of the senses of the child. 

By the time children reach the age of around three, they are not only attracted to sensory stimuli but they are also ready to start sorting and organizing these sensory impressions. Through work with the sensorial materials, the child is given the keys to classifying the things around him. Through the classification, the child is also offered the first steps in organizing his intelligence, which then leads to his adapting to his environment.

"The senses, being the explorers of the world, open the way to knowledge."

Maria Montessori

Module outline

Suitable age: 2,5 - 6

  • The aim of sensorial education is to perfect and refine the senses and to allow the child to get to know his environment in a deeper and more accurate way.

  • Thanks to the material which is designed in a way that it isolates one quality, the child learns to match the similar things, then he is shown how to grade the material based on its quality, and then he receives the language related to his work. This gives a chance for his mind to create an internal order.

  • Concentration is a by product of a child learning with his or her hands. During the ages 3 to 6 the "hands are the busiest of all."

  • Work with sensorial materials also prepare the child for next lessons in language and mathematics.

  • In these lessons we will introduce for example the work with pink tower, brown stairs, sound cylinders, binomial and trinomial cube, geometric cabinet and many other materials.

  • Inspirational videos for "do it yourself" didactic materials are included as well.

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