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Montessori math alone is worth the price of a Montessori education. That may sound like an outrageous claim, until you consider how many children and later on adults are held back in life by an inability to solve mathematical every-day problems (e.g., evaluating whether they can afford a home), how many students avoid profitable, fulfilling careers in science, technology and engineering because of a fear of numbers.

But math is all around us and the young child from day one. How old are you? In one hour you will go to school. You were born on the 11th. It is the 2nd door. All children have a mathematical mind. The mathematical mind tends to estimate, needs to quantify, to see identity, similarity, difference, and patterns, to make order and sequence and to control error.

Maria Montessori designed concrete mathematical materials to represent all levels of quantities and mathematical concepts after she observed that children are interested in counting.

"Children display a universal love of mathematics, which is par excellence the science of precision, order and intelligence."

Maria Montessori

Module outline

Suitable age: 3 - 6

  • In the Montessori learning environment, the children not only see and learn the symbols for a number, they hold the quantity in their hand. This enables them to develop logic and abstract thinking.

  • Learning mathematical concepts in a Montessori classroom begins concretely and progresses towards the abstract. They are developed from simple to complex. Process is taught first and facts come later. Order, coordination, concentration, and independence are experienced by the child using these materials.

  • In our video lessons we will go step by step from basic understanding of quantity and symbols to more complex numeral operations up to 10000.

  • With the youngest kids we will discover the magic of such materials as number rods, bead stairs, sandpaper numerals, or a spindle box. 

  • And for the older children you will finally learn how to work with a stamp game, different versions of a snake game and you will get to know how to practice all mathematical operations in "the bank".

  • Of course, you can also look forward to tips on how to make some materials and math games at home.

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