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Humans needed language in order to communicate. The evolution of the human language began when communication was done through pictograms or drawings. Language is specific to different cultures and it is the foundation of all social life.

As long as children are exposed to some language in their early life, they will almost always learn to speak. From very young age they have the need to communicate and understand. They see and hear people talking around them and very naturally they learn and start to talk too. We can do much to enrich their vocabulary, but we cannot make them learn to speak.

But the same cannot be said for writing or reading. These, we teach. Writing and reading require instruction of some sort and require some degree of effort by the child. 

"No one can predict what a given baby will do in the world. But without mutual comprehension with others, it is pretty clear that he will not be able to do very much.
Language is an instrument of collective thought."

Maria Montessori

Module outline

Suitable age: 2,5 - 6

  • Also other areas of a Montessori classroom, like practical life and sensorial, are preparing the child to read and write. Moving from left to right and practicing fine motor skills. Writing requires not only the brain to understand how certain letters and sounds come together to make words but also the fine motor skills and coordination to hold a pencil
  • In this module we will show you basic activities for expanding vocabulary. You will see the work with the metal insets which give the child a good practice for holding a pencil and a chance to experience the effects of pressure on the pencil. Among many other activities, will introduce also sandpaper letters and movable alphabet.

  • The videos in this course will show you how to support your children in the first writing and reading.

  • We will also give you tips on how to make many interesting materials at home with available resources.

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