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Prepared adult is a key to Montessori

"An adult should show himself to a child as a loving and enlightened guide assisting him."

Maria Montessori

Our mission at MontessoriParenting.org is to help you become the best possible guide for your children. We strive to help you navigate Montessori by making Montessori education available online for parents, teachers and other caregivers.


Our unique Montessori Online Video Course will walk you through Montessori step-by-step.

Montessori 3-6 Curriculum

We will introduce you to the key Montessori concepts via video lessons. You will learn about the Montessori curriculum and the scope and sequence of the materials. We will also give you ideas on how to make educational materials at home. After completing the course you will be on your way to become a confident Montessori guide to your children.


Courses with world-class Montessori speakers to help you grow

Learn about fostering emotional intelligence and love in your families. This course helps you to understand yourself and what behaviors you may be inviting from your children and also understand the need behind their behaviors. Once you understand the need and begin to respond to the need, the undesirable behaviors begin to dissipate and the harmony and cooperation in your family begins to blossom. Learn to empower and encourage and enjoy parenting!
Does Montessori still apply for today’s child and culture? Is this still relevant today? Are there aspects of this philosophy that require changing? Should we approach this as a time capsule, and can we get the same good results? How do we support child development in an ever-changing world? How do we, in Dr. Montessori’s own words, follow the child even today, or into the future? Find out in this self-paced online video course lectured by experienced Montessorian Charlotte Snyder!


Uncovering the Universal Potential of Children

Montessori Parenting is a proud organizer of the Childhood Potential International Online Montessori Conference. Our world-class Montessori speakers are ready to share their years of experience and insights with you.

The event is held online twice a year and it is 100% FREE during the holding time. How amazing is that! Premium Lifetime Access is available if you happened to miss the conference. You can watch and replay the lectures anytime, anywhere.


We love keeping in touch with our Montessori community! That's why we hold regular online live talks with interesting people where you ask the questions. Live talks are completely free, as well as their recordings!

We talked about discipline, behavior challenges, power struggles, tantrums, and how to bring love and cooperation into our families.
We celebrated the launch of the book "Montessori Baby" with its co-author Simone Davies

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You help us help!

We always plegded to donate part of the profit from the conference and course to help Montessori schools who take care of children in less advantaged parts of the world. With deep respect and love, we are proud to present to you 3 projects we have chosen to support! 


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