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“The child has a mind able to absorb knowledge.  He has the power to teach himself. A single observation is enough to prove this.”

Discipline, Freedom and Limits

Discipline, consequences, and limits of a child’s behaviour are among the most contentious topics in parenting and education. In Montessori, they are viewed as inextricably linked to not just each other but, most importantly, to freedom and independence.

Practicing Practical Life

The Practical Life curriculum is the easiest and the most rewarding aspect of Montessori in the home. Its flexibility, emphasis on culturally appropriate tasks and independence makes it perfect for anyone wanting their child to grow up confident and happy.

Toilet Training the Montessori Way

When and how to toilet train is a constant – and at times, contentious – debate among parents and families. Whilst I cannot promise the “correct” answer, below are the considerations and guidelines from a Montessori perspective.

What Makes a Good School

You understand the essentials, you are committed to a Montessori Education, you know your accrediting organizations  , and you are looking at schools. How can you tell you found the right one?

The Montessori World

If you’re considering a September school start, now is the time to choose and visit schools – most work to finalize enrollment by the end of February. To assist you in understanding your options, here is a primer on the leading Montessori organizations and accreditations.

Wishing You a Montessori Holiday

As the northern hemisphere readies for the darkest period of the year, families worldwide prepare for festivals and celebrations as diverse as humanity itself. The child stands firmly – or should, at least – in the middle of all of them.

Starting School

Beginning school attendance is a big milestone for children – and sometimes even more so for their parents. Just like any other big transition, realistic expectations and good preparation make all the difference in meeting this important challenge.