The Three-Period Lesson

Chances are, if you’re learning about Montessori, you have heard about the three-period lesson. But can you really define what it refers to?

What Makes a Good School

You understand the essentials, you are committed to a Montessori Education, you know your accrediting organizations  , and you are looking at schools. How can you tell you found the right one?

The Montessori Curriculum

Montessori schools don’t divide their school days individual subjects; instead, the students choose from individual lessons and exercises available to them throughout the day. So how is the curriculum organized?

The Montessori World

If you’re considering a September school start, now is the time to choose and visit schools – most work to finalize enrollment by the end of February. To assist you in understanding your options, here is a primer on the...

Mixing It Up

A Montessori classroom is usually home to a three-year span of ages: children from three to six years in the Casa, six to nine years old in Lower Elementary, nine through twelve in Upper Elementary. Why is that?