- with spring themes -





The awakening nature gives rise to our children’s curious questions. We have a useful aid for parents, teachers and children\'s caregivers who are not exactly botanists and want to support the natural children\'s development.

All it takes is to download the auxiliary material - so called three part cards. This time we have cards with spring themes for you.

As their name already suggests, they consist of three parts. A card with a picture, a card with a text and a card where there are both, the picture and the text, together. The card with both, the picture and the text, is used as the control card which allows children to make mistakes and work on them independently, without the interference of a parent or a teacher.



Three part cards can be seen at all levels of Montessori classrooms. These cards help children to extend their vocabulary and can be used in different fields to present a variety of topics.

To learn how to work with these cards, you can read a detailed article on our blog.

These are 14 complete sets with spring themes showing realistic images including captions.

Specifically these are the sets:

  • Trees
  • Trees (matching)
  • Fruit trees and shrubs
  • Fruits
  • Spring flowers
  • Animals - families
  • Animals - families (logical pairs and shadows)
  • Animals - families - farm animals and their products (peg cards)
  • Insects
  • Life cycle - ladybug
  • Life cycle - mosquito
  • Healing herbs
  • Butterfly
  • Vegetables

Download the three part cards with spring themes for free.