When my children were born, I felt a bit lost. I knew I wanted to have a respectful approach to parenting, embracing their unique potential not only academically, but also emotionally and socially, empowering them to become compassionate and confident. I attended different trainings, read many books and collected as much valuable information as I could. 

In 2011 I launched an online shop

I have become a very passionate Montessori fan 🙂 and this led me to opening an online shop MontessoriHracky.cz in 2011. Thanks to this experience and frequent and increasing contact with customers, that included thousands of parents and teachers, I found my motivation for this online training. I realized that there are very little opportunities to study Montessori at home, without having to leave the family, while not compromising the quality of the training.

My experience from schools in the poorest parts of our world also set my dream on fire. Giving a chance to a teacher somewhere in a slum or a distant village in Africa, to get the quality training and completely change the educational standard in her classroom! I wanted to put up a training that would provide videos, where everyone could see the work with the material step by step. And at the same time, I wanted to keep the price affordable. I also wanted to show the students that it is not necessary to buy expensive materials but that very often our creativity and patience is enough.  

A dream was born…

My journey began with a search for an experienced teacher with international Montessori education, years of guidance of children in a 3-6 Montessori classroom and also a person who has her own children, with whom they practice Montessori principles at home. I immediately knew I wanted to contact Alice Giles, kind, energetic and a passionate teacher who I’ve always admired for her patience and very thorough work with children at IMSP.

We started shooting in June 2016

The filming and its following postproduction took almost a year and a half of our time, including two summer holidays. We were shooting and editing the videos ourselves, many of them with several attempts. Maybe not fully professionally but with love and joy. All of that in two languages – Czech and English. Some moments were very difficult, but we always knew that our effort would have a big impact on many parents and that urged us to go on.

March 2018 and we are almost done

Well, we start another important phase of our dream and that is launching it online into the world 🙂 With this training we would like to contribute to one of many remarkable thoughts of Maria Montessori:

„Free the child's potential and you will transform him into the world.”    



Since 2002 I regularly travel to Kenya and Guinea, with an NGO called Centrum Dialog. The goal of the organization is to give a chance to less fortunate children to get a quality education and leave the circle of poverty. Since our first trips to Africa, we managed to open several schools (11 up to now). We always valued the quality of education which differentiate these schools from other schools in the areas where we work. In 2015, we organized a very nice Montessori training in Kenya, Nairobi for 40 teachers from slum schools in Kibera.

After this "on-site" training, it was clear to me that if we want teachers to have an access to good quality information, not being limited by their location and finances, the online education is the best form.

And this is exactly why we will grant a free access to this training to schools and projects that try to empower communities and tackle extreme poverty in all different locations of our planet.

At least half of the profit from our online training will be donated to develop such oases of peace for children who are not so lucky in life and need a little bit of help with a start of their journey for a better future.

Wish us well!

We believe we can do it with your help 🙂