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A unique online Montessori course for everyone looking for answers on how to be the best guides for their children.

Ninety percent of human brain capacity is developed during the first five years of life.
During the first six years of life the child‘s personality is formed. Children carry this personality through their adulthood.
The brain of a four-year old is generally twice as active as the brain of an adult.

We all want the best for our children

Our comprehensive online training will introduce you to the fundamental concepts of Montessori via video lessons. It will explain the curriculum and the materials that children use in Montessori classrooms. It will also give you ideas on how to make educational materials at home.

Understand your child to aid the development of their enormous hidden potential.
Create the right environment to support their natural love of learning.
Grow with your child. Prepare yourself as a guide.

Benefits of our online training

Unlimited access

Study from wherever and whenever to suit your needs. You can also return to previous lessons at any time.

Tailor your learning

You have the option to buy some of the modules, or a complete package, depending on your needs.


We offer bonuses including printable materials, e-books and discounts at our online shop

Inspirational tips

Ideas for for making your own educational resources and preparing activities with materials you have at home.

Help worthy causes

At least 50% of our profit assists various educational projects all around the world.

Community exchange

You can join our private Facebook group to share experiences with other participants in the training.

Experienced lecturers

Our trainers have international Montessori diplomas and experience applying their skills in schools and at home.

We're here for you!

If you have any questions that were not answered in the training, follow up with us. Your feedback helps us improve our program.

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Word compossition with movable alphabet


Inspiration for DIY buttoning activities


I viewed MontessoriParenting online training with great expectations and I wasn’t disappointed. I have been interested in Montessori education for a while and despite that, I still found some completely new pieces of information and connections. I like the overall clear arrangement of the course, the continuity of topics and practical use even for home based education. The only thing I would prefer being different is that it has only been launched now. It is late! 😊. If I’d had the opportunity to go through this comprehensive online course at home three years ago as a mother of small children, it would have been the best introduction to Montessori for me. I am glad that with this training you also support schools in developing countries, it gives it another, deeper, meaning. Thank you for your work!
Petramother of two girls
There’s a lot of hard work, great respect for the children and the desire to understand them behind each educational course or training. I’d like to wish everybody who goes through this course to find a way to understand their child. There are many ways to introduce the didactic materials, which hold a hidden truth and their final understanding to a child. But a true awakening always comes from inside. I believe that this course will be a great inspiration for discovering, observing and experimenting. Children usually talk to us with their whole body. So, let’s be able to observe them, bring order to their chaotic world and support them in their independence, their will and their desire to explore.
SvětlanaAMI Montessori teacher, founder of Montessori Children´s House
The training has become a great help to our school! I know that when we get a new member in our team, who needs a training and introduction to the Montessori materials, thanks to your work, they will obtain priceless information. This complex insight into the topic seemed to me just like a dream for every preschool. BIG THANKS FOR YOUR WORK!
LucieAMS Montessori diploma, teacher and a mum of two kids
I‘m absolutely enthusiastic! Everything is in one place! As a mother of two children I‘m very grateful for the option to go back to each video as many times as I want. And watching it on my phone when I have a few minutes for myself - thats awesome! I really appreciate the section with the inspiration on how to make didactic materials ourselves at home, because I don't have as much money to buy the originals and I love to create. Thanks a lot, I am so thrilled!
Veronikamother on maternity leave
„Thank you for a wonderful course for parents and teachers. I believe that children are our greatest treasure. We try to lead them through life with all our love and understanding. In this course I found lots of inspiration for various activities which I can utilize at home and also at school. I am sure that the training will be appreciated not only by school teachers but also by parents. I also appreciate the option to buy not only the whole training at once, but individual modules depending on what I need."
Hanaelementary school teacher

Why are we doing this?

When my children were born, I felt a bit lost. I knew I wanted to have a respectful approach to parenting, embracing their unique potential not only academically, but also emotionally and socially, empowering them to become compassionate and confident. I attended different trainings, read many books and collected as much valuable information as I could. 

I have become a very passionate Montessori fan 🙂 and this led me to opening my online shop in 2011. Thanks to this experience and frequent and increasing contact with customers, that included thousands of parents and teachers, I found my motivation for this online training. I realized that there are very little opportunities to study Montessori at home, without having to leave the family, while not compromising the quality of the training.

My experience from schools in the poorest parts of our world also set my dream on fire. Giving a chance to a teacher somewhere in a slum in Africa, to get the quality training and completely change the educational standard in her classroom! I wanted to put up a training that would provide videos, where everyone could see the work with the material step by step. And at the same time, I wanted to keep the price affordable. I also wanted to show the students that it is not necessary to buy expensive materials but that very often our creativity and patience is enough. 

Lucie Tamasova


Meet our team

Alice Giles

3-6 AMS teacher

Lucie Hajkova

3-6 AMI teacher

Pavlína Tvrdíková

Veronika Kunzová


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