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Children are natural observers. Science is all around us. Young children interact with the natural world everywhere they go. Investigating what flowers smell like, how a leaf feels, or what happens when you pull the cat’s tail is how they learn how things work and how they are to interact with it.

Maria Montessori recognized the young child’s need to observe and absorb information about the world around them. She believed that experience with real objects should always proceed before learning the names or looking at pictures of things.

"The things he sees are not just remembered. They form a part of his soul."

Maria Montessori

Module outline

  • The Cultural and science area of the Montessori classroom covers a variety of subjects. Geography, Science, Botany, Zoology, and History are included. The child becomes aware of his own body, emotions, family, home, town, country where he lives, continents, seas and oceans, our solar system, or the evolution of life on this planet.

  • In this module we will show you activities which support children’s curiosity, need to discover and love for further learning.

  • In the video lessons you will find among others presentations of the work with the two kids of Montessori globes, puzzle maps of the continents, biological and zoological puzzles or botanical cabinet with leaves.

  • We will learn something about human body, solar system or life cycles of plants and animals.

  • We will explore magnetism, sounds, density or composition of things around us.

  • As in other modules we will show you many materials you can make at home.

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"Thanks to Montessori approach I understand more what happens in the heads of my children. We are more able to agree on things, we don’t have as many conflicts and we enjoy each other ‘s presence."
"I feel the needs of my children better – I am able to observe them."