„Child seeks for independence by means of work, an independence of body and mind. “

Maria Montessori


Theme module:


Practical life exercises are very important foundation for the development of the child. The child observes everything that we do as adults in the environment and gains knowledge through the real experience of how to accomplish life skills in a purposeful way. These skills, when taught early in life, allow children to believe in themselves, give them a sense of being and belonging and develop self-discipline needed for success throughout their lives.

The practical life activities are usually divided into four areas: caring for the self (getting dressed, undressed, washing up, brushing teeth or hair…), caring for the environment (cleaning, mopping, polishing, care for plants or animals…), movement of objects (pouring, movement activities, art activities…) and grace & courtesy (greeting, apologizing, accepting an apology, offering help, …).

  • In these videos we will guide you through activities which will help children to develop concentration and inner sense for order, fine and gross motor skills and independence in everyday life.

  • Practical life exercises allow your child to practice everyday tasks, so he can become a useful member of the family and later of the society.

  • In these video lessons you will find examples of pouring, sweeping, screwing, polishing, setting the table, folding of napkins, doing up buttons and zippers but we will also talk about cooking, work in the kitchen or basic lessons of grace and courtesy. 
  • Inspirational videos with tips for "do it yourself" didactic materials are part of this module.

    Before purchasing this module, we recommend first to buy the Philosophy module, which is the most important foundation for all the other themes.

Number of lessons: 36

Price of the course:  69 EUR


All 6 modules included


414 EUR

Price:  345 EUR

"Thanks to Montessori approach I understand more what happens in the heads of my children. We are more able to agree on things, we don’t have as many conflicts and we enjoy each other ‘s presence."


"I feel the needs of my children better – I am able to observe them."