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Supporting self-efficacy

I can do it! Supporting Self-efficacy in Montessori

by Charlotte Snyder

Whatever we think, we’re right. If we think we’ll never run a marathon, or graduate high school, or learn how to tie our shoes, we’re right. Belief in yourself can limit, or can serve as stepping stones to growing abilities, seeking knowledge, and drive to achieve. How does Montessori philosophy supports development of self-efficacy? How can we explain this to current and prospective families and educators? How can the development of these internal skills help us adjust our perspective?

Charlotte Snyder

Charlotte Snyder is Head of School at The Baan Dek Montessori in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. She attended Montessori through Elementary in California, and completed the Primary training at Montessori Northwest in 2010, and earned a Master of Education degree from Loyola University Maryland. She particularly enjoys sharing Montessori philosophy and building relationships with families on Baan Dek’s blog and podcast.

How to follow your child

From baby to toddler – How to follow your Montessori child

by Neus Carmona

Welcoming a child into your home is the most precious moment for a family but it can also be a transitional period for everyone involved. During our time together we will reflect on how we can prepare the environment for welcoming the Montessori baby into our home and how to transform the home to prepare for a moving toddler. We will talk about how to set up the spaces and how to accompany you and your child throughout the first years of life. We will talk about sensory periods, respect, order, outcome of independence, Montessori activities, curriculum, and how to encourage parents to see how the child is our most precious teacher.

Neus Carmona

Neus holds a bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood and Elementary Education and Master’s degree in Early Childhood Education with emphasis in Montessori Education. After graduating, She moved to Italy to complete a Master in Educational Psychology from the Università degli studi di Firenze.  I was drawn to Montessori while living in Italy and I started pursuing my Montessori certifications in the US. I hold Montessori credentials for 0-3, 3-6 and for Parent- Infant and Child. 

She has been a Montessori Toddler and Early Childhood Certified Teacher for the past ten year and also a Montessori consultant for different schools in New England. Neus was drawn to the Montessori philosophy because of the hands-on approach to learning and the emphasis on the individual child as well as their responsibilities and independence. She enjoys working with children, and loves watching their eyes light up when they grasp a new concept. 

She has recently become a mom of a wonderful girl. She offers 1:1 Infant and toddler parent consultations and workshops. 

Sleep & Montessori

Learn how sleep develops in the early years and how to get everyone the sleep they need to thrive!

Q&A with Mariana Bissonnette

In this workshop, expecting families and those with children 0-3 will gain a practical understanding of the important developments of sleep in the first three years, the developmental interruptions in sleep, and learn how to apply the Montessori method to answer your own sleep questions that fit your child and your family. We will also talk about the Montessori floor bed and how to use it in infancy through toddlerhood. This is a practical and engaging workshop that focuses on using what you already have to create developmentally-aligned spaces & routines for sleep in the first three years.

Mariana Bissonnette

Mariana is a 0-6 Montessori educator, award-winning author, parenting guide, and founder of The PEACE Program, home of the Montessori Masterclass! Mariana is on a mission to support adults supporting children in the most critical period of human development. She believes strongly in the potential of Montessori and of ourselves to show up differently for the next generation. She is also a mother of two beautiful kids (who are amazing when they aren’t driving her nuts) and has a Montessori husband and a whole host of animals in their home in Oakland, CA (Lisjan Ohlone land).