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I am glad you have decided to go on this journey with us! 
I believe this little time you are going to invest in your learning will help you understand your child more. 
I wish you all the best and cannot wait to give you my best at the webinar!

You have the option to order only the webinar, or the webinar together with an e-book we created for you, discovering the key concepts of the Montessori Philosophy: The Montessori essentials! :-) These are the cornerstones of Montessori’s educational approach and concept of human development.


What do they say about us? 

Recently I decided to fulfill my dream and open a children's homeschooling group. I always wanted to implement the Montessori principles in the environment and in the teaching methods. I found amazing co-workers however they had only very basic knowledge of the Montessori method. I couldn't afford to pay for all of them AMI trainings and therefore I searched online. I found Lucie's online course through her store. All three of my teachers are now doing a complete comprehensive online training and so far I am very happy with the results it has brought to our classroom. I also appreciate that the teachers enjoy the training and can do it during their evening hours at home.
Vanessa Itanischool owner
The full training from MontessoriParenting has become a great help to our school! I know that when we get a new member in our team, who needs a training and introduction to the Montessori materials, thanks to your work, they will obtain priceless information. This complex insight into the topic seemed to me just like a dream for every preschool. BIG THANKS FOR YOUR WORK!
Lucie RatajskáAMS teacher and a mother of two

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