Lucie and the team: 

Helping you to reach the full potential of your children

We are making the Montessori education available for parents, teachers and other caregivers. 

Let us tell you the story behind

Education to change the world

I believe, as Nelson Mandela said, that

"Education is the only weapon that can change the world."

Thanks to my experience from Kenya and Guinea, where I have helped to open several schools for children from the poorest backgrounds, I realized how important it is to give children the kind of education that will encourage them to think out of the box, be critical thinkers and prepare them to navigate the real world outside of school. But how?  

Search for "the mom I wanted to be"

I am a mom of three kids. When my first child was born, I felt lost. I knew I wanted to have a respectful approach to parenting, embracing my kids’ unique potential not only academically, but also emotionally and socially, empowering them to become compassionate and confident.

I began to search for “the mom I wanted to be”. I attended different trainings, read many books and collected as much valuable information as I could.

Montessori: The Education for life

At both sides of the world, in Africa and at my home, it was a quest to find a way that would correspond with my heart but also my mind. On this journey I have become a very passionate Montessori fan.

A Montessori education for me is more than an educational method; it is also a philosophy of human development. This is in sharp contrast to other approaches in education, whether traditional or alternative.

I felt that this was the education for life I was searching for.

Bringing "affordable Montessori" to parents and teachers

In 2011, my love for Montessori led me to opening an online shop with Montessori materials and other educational toys. 

Thanks to the experience from Africa, parenting and frequent contact with customers of my shop (that included thousands of parents and teachers), I found my motivation to start organizing workshops and trainings for parents and teachers.

After a couple of years I realized that there are little opportunities to study Montessori online: at home, without having to leave the family, while not compromising the quality of the training.

Dream coming true

The passion for education and the possibility to give a quality training and complete change of the educational standard to teachers in the poorest parts of our world set my dreams on fire.

I decided to start an online Montessori training with an AMS trained friend of mine and grant a free access to schools and projects that try to empower communities and tackle extreme poverty in all different locations of our planet.

But my dream grew and started to be too big to be organized just by one person.

It takes a village to raise a child: Power of an amazing team

I cherish the power of a community. So I decided to make my dream come true with a team of passionate, educated and experienced Montessori enthusiasts. I value the collective wisdom, new ideas, support and motivation that a team who works with love can bring to the project.

And today?

We can give teachers, parents and other caregivers the best tools
to help our children grow into their full potential.

Meet our amazing team!

Alice Giles

3-6 AMS teacher

Michaela Tučková

0-3 AMI teacher, currently in 3-6 AMI training

Emily Suarez

0-3 and 3-6 AMI teacher

Theodora Petsa

0-3 NAMC teacher

Paulina Dominguez

0-3 and 3-6 AMI teacher

Lucie Hájková

3-6 AMI teacher