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Montessori Foundations

with Sylvia Arotin

Explore the transformative power of the Montessori approach with Sylvia Arotin as she provides fresh perspectives on child development. Discover effective strategies that enhance your ability to nurture capable, confident and independent thinkers.

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First steps

with Montessori

A Mini Course to Help you Kickstart your Toddler's Journey 

Turn Your Daily Challenges into Opportunities: Nurture Your Toddler's Curiosity, Manage Big Emotions, and Build Independence and Confidence.

When it comes to parenting a toddler, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and even exhausted.

From handling sudden bursts of big emotions to fostering daily learning and independence, parenting at this stage is filled with unique challenges and joys. Whether you’re wondering how to respond to your two-year-old’s new-found assertiveness or simply looking for ways to better support their rapid development, we’re here to guide you.

Unlock the Secrets of Montessori

and Empower your Toddler's Journey

Our course is designed to provide targeted insights and strategies to help you navigate this critical stage with more ease and understanding. Dive into our expert-led sessions that offer practical advice on managing big emotions, fostering curiosity, and encouraging independence.

The Montessori approach

A Pathway to Joyful Development

The Montessori approach isn't just about fancy toys or a specific aesthetic. It's a philosophy centered on nurturing your child's natural curiosity, independence, and love of learning. Developed by Dr. Maria Montessori, this approach empowers children to explore their world at their own pace through engaging activities and a prepared environment.

Our First steps with Montessori course unlocks the power of Montessori principles, providing you with the tools and guidance to create a nurturing environment at home and navigate this crucial stage with confidence.

The child who concentrates is immensely happy.



I am blown away by the quality of speakers gathered for this series. The topics presented were imperative to a truly successful Montessori upbringing and I could not be more thankful for all the knowledge and resources shared. I feel confident, prepared, and committed to be a safe Montessori at Home parent to my almost one year old daughter. Thank you so much!
Grecia, USA
Great quality of speakers, good breadth of topics and a wonderful introduction to Montessori for a parent beginning to explore this learning philosophy. There were some exceptional talks that opened my mind to ideas I hadn't previously encountered and that I will take with me going forward in my parenting journey.
Alex, Canada
I have been greatly inspired. I have discovered my weak areas that I need to improve. More importantly I have started applying the principles that I have learnt. A principle that has pricked my heart is that of teaching my children by modeling and this requires working on self improvement more than trying to change the child. Thank you very much for organizing such a wonderful and inspiring conference.
Adorn, Malawi

Why Montessori Matters for Your Toddler

  • Spark their curiosity
    Ditch expensive toys! Montessori sparks curiosity with engaging activities that fuel exploration and learning.
  • Boost their confidence
    Imagine your toddler proudly tackling tasks on their own. Montessori fosters self-sufficiency!
  • Focus champs in training
    Engaging activities help your toddler build concentration skills, setting them up for success in daycare or preschool.
  • Making friends is fun
    Montessori promotes respectful communication and collaboration, nurturing social skills and helping them play nicely.
  • Fewer Meltdowns, more Smiles
    Learn ways to help your toddler understand and express emotions calmly. Less frustration, more smiles!
  • Feeling save to explore
    Predictable routines and organized spaces give your toddler a sense of security and control, allowing them to explore confidently.

Why does it matter to you?

  • Less Stress, More Fun
    Montessori principles can bring calm to your home. Imagine fewer tantrums and more peaceful moments to enjoy!
  • Bonding Made Easy
    Connect with your child through shared learning experiences. Create lasting memories!
  • Communication Hacks
    Discover practical tools to communicate effectively. These tips will make your life easier.
  • See Them Thrive
    Witness your child's self-directed growth and newfound skills. It's an amazing feeling to see your little one blossom!
  • Confident Guide
    Gain the knowledge and tools to support your child's development. You got this! Feel empowered as a parent.
  • Joyful Parenting
    Rediscover the satisfaction of nurturing your child's natural curiosity and love of learning. Set them on a lifelong learning path!

Our course equips you with the knowledge and strategies to create a nurturing Montessori environment at home, all delivered through five engaging video sessions led by Montessori experts.


Montessori Myths Busted

with Sylvia Arotin

Unravel Common Misconceptions: Feeling overwhelmed by conflicting information about Montessori? This session with Sylvia Arotin, tackles the top 10 myths surrounding Montessori. Learn the truth behind statements like "materials have to be wooden" or "Montessori doesn't allow imagination." Get ready to open your mind and discover the true essence of Montessori for a smooth and enjoyable journey.


Beyond the Shelf: 10 Things Your Child Actually Needs

with Ashley Hapa

Move Beyond the Work Shelf: Ashley Yeh, goes beyond the traditional "Montessori shelf" concept. This video dives into the 10 fundamental things your child truly needs from you, the foundation for effective Montessori parenting. Learn how to prioritize aspects like connection and guidance that nurture your child's development more holistically.


Developing Healthy Self-Esteem with Montessori

with Mariana Bissonnette

Boost Your Child's Confidence: Mariana Bissonnette delves into the importance of healthy self-esteem. Learn to identify obstacles that might hinder your child's confidence and discover Montessori-aligned tools to foster a strong and positive self-image. This strong foundation will set your child up for lifelong success.


Setting Up Your Home Montessori-Style for Infants and Toddlers

with Simone Davies

Transform Your Home Environment: Simone Davies shows you how to transform your home into a nurturing space for your child. Learn simple and affordable ways to create inviting areas that encourage exploration, independence, and a sense of accomplishment. Discover how to identify and remove obstacles while adapting the space as your child grows.


Handling Strong Emotions, The Child's & Our Own

with Jesse McCarthy

Navigate Big Emotions Together: Jesse McCarthy tackles the challenges of managing strong emotions – both your child's and your own. Learn strategies to help your child express themselves calmly and develop emotional intelligence. Gain valuable tools for fostering peaceful communication and reducing stress for everyone.

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