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By purchasing Montessori Beginnings: The Ultimate Montessori 0-3 Parenting Course, you will get: 


Master Montessori Foundations with Charlotte Snyder

  • Grasp core Montessori principles and Unlock key concepts
  • Build a solid foundation for your journey


Design your Home to Meet your Child's Needs with Nicole Kavanaugh

  • Create a Montessori-inspired space
  • Master toy rotation & organization
  • Organise small spaces & spaces for different-age children


Transform your Parenting Mindset with Lorena Seidel

  • Learn how to re-wire your mindset and old programming
  • Make parenting a joyful and sustainable practice
  • Get on the same page as parents


Observe to Understand your Child Deeply with Dr. Paul Epstein

  • Master the art of observation
  • Learn to adjust the environment based on your observations.
  • Support your child's development through understanding their needs.


Support your Child's Social-Emotional Development with Blanca Velazquez-Martin

  • Techniques to help you support your children's emotional development
  • Strategies to manage big emotions.
  • Empower your child's confidence and social-emotional well-being.


Guide your Child's Behavior with Positive Discipline with Jeanne-Marie Paynel

  • Explore Positive Discipline for peaceful conflict resolution.
  • Instill a sense of inner discipline 
  • Learn respectful behavior redirection strategies.
  • Grasb the concept of Freedom within Limits


Support your Child's Motor skills with Gabriela Velazquez

  • Nurture healthy motor development through engaging activities.
  • Recognize potential delays and support your child's physical growth.
  • Build whole body coordination, hand control, and eye-hand skills.


Empower your Child's Independence and Confidence with Practical Life Activities with Ferne van Zyl

  • Foster independence through practical life activities
  • Encourage self-sufficiency and teach social norms with Grace & Courtesy.
  • Empower your child's confidence and sense of self.


Boost your Child's Language Development with Simone Davies

  • Understand language development stages and promote communication.
  • Create a language-rich environment
  • Explore strategies for supporting second/third language acquisition.


Set up Sensory Rich Activities for your Child with Beth Wood

  • Unleash your child's sensory potential with engaging activities.
  • Stimulate all senses (touch, taste, smell, sight, hearing).
  • Create a sensory-rich environment for learning and exploration.


Ease Daily Routines: Create Smooth Rhythms for your Child with Mariana Bissonnette

  • Establish predictable daily rhythms for meals, sleep, and healthy habits.
  • Manage mealtimes and bedtimes with ease and create a calm routine.
  • Learn strategies for common issues like sleep problems and picky eating.


Navigate Toilet Learning Journey with Success with Neus Carmona

  • Discover the natural process of Montessori toilet learning.
  • Support your child's independence and follow their pace at toilet training.
  • Learn to recognize readiness, prepare the environment, and manage setbacks.

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12 modules with 30+ hours of video content

Unlimited lifetime access

Audio files

Workbooks to deepen your understanding

Private community

Certificate of completion

10 bonus videos

Live Q&A sessions and personal guidance

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Hear from Our Happy Parents:

Juggling work and parenting is tough, but Montessori Beginnings gave me the tools to create a more harmonious and productive daily routine. My toddler's independence has grown so much, and it made our life much easier.
The masterclasses have transformed the way I parent my children. I am now more confident in my decisions and my home is a much calmer and happier place. This was the best investment I've made in my family's well-being.
I cannot overstate the impact this course has had on my teaching practice. I've learned so many practical strategies that have helped create a more engaging and independent learning environment in my toddler classroom.

Remember, you're not just enrolling in a course – you're investing in your child's future and your family's happiness.